Doha Metro Red Line North – Structural

Doha Metro Red Line North – Structural




Building Type     : Metro Stations (Qatar University and Lusail Station).

Location              : Doha, Qatar.

Deliverables        : Structural Shop Drawings & Bar Bending Schedule.

Software              : AutoCAD 2014.

Services               : Structural.



The proposed Infrastructural project consist of three type of structures such as Tunnels, Twin Tunnels and Troughs, these tunnels and troughs provide the passage way for Metro Rails. The Cut & Cover Tunnel consisted of total six segments of about 335 metres the Trough Lusail which connects the Lusail Station had two segments of about 670 metres, the Twin Box which is a twin tunnel of about 220 metres which connects trough structures at both ends. There is also a Short Trough at Ramp Legtaifiya.


We prepared shop drawings &Bar bending schedule for the underground Cut and Cover tunnel at Qatar university which consisting of six segments. Shop drawings and Bar Bending schedules are prepared as per BS 8666:2005.

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